Meet the Speakers
Coffee Talk
Review Training & Introduction

Self review

Installation & Preparation, Introduction video

Self Review

Advanced Understaning of Event Tags

Understanding EventBank's client. (Event Management, Chamber Association Management clients, Existing client)

Introduction to Event Invitations

Training on CS Communication tool (quip, teams, zendesk and etc.)

InVision Training
Communication tools for designers

HelpDesk, Youtube tutorials, and Webinar

EventBank 101 Assignment

Assignment list (tag)

Monday Morning Presentation
Branding Rocksss

The best practices

General Overview of Onboarding process

Sales → New Client → CS team. Kick-off check lists

Kick-off call (Self training) recorded video.

Kick-off call questionnaire?

CRM webinarSelf training
CRM assignment
Event webinarSelf training
Event Assignment
Q&A session with Creative Guru

Keynote speech on the importance of branding in digital era.